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"I’m finally getting to the end of the course. I have to tell you…I’ve really enjoyed it and it’s opened my eyes as well as giving me a lot to think about. I never really planned on teaching…I just wanted to learn more about Meditation and incorporate it in my Yoga and Functional Medicine Coaching. However, I feel that I learned so much throughout the year and I find myself teaching meditation concepts and practices to most everyone I meet…Thank you for that!"

Allie Lowe



In its seventh year...

When completing The Meditation Teacher Training Program, you will improve your own practice while improving the lives of others — build confidence by addressing life’s most challenging conditions!


In this exclusive training course, meditation experts will guide you step-by-step using fundamental and advanced principles and techniques, preparing you to effectively integrate meditation into your established field of work or to start your new teaching practice.


The innovative methods along with techniques and practices that are thousands of years old presented in this 10-month online clinical training can radically change your life and the lives of those you work with.

Whether you are new to meditation or an established teacher, this elite training opportunity can improve both your competence and confidence in enabling you to help  others in many ways as well as allow you to better work with all of life's challenges by giving you the tools of meditation and mindfulness to grow with. 

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Areas covered include:

24 meditation methods from around the world

Defining Meditation

The history of meditation

The function of the brain in meditation

Using the EEG-understanding brainwaves

Religious and secular aspects of meditation

Health benefits of meditation

Leading a meditation group

The Physiological and Psychological effects of meditation

How meditation heals and its effects on specific health conditions

What is insight?

Mindfulness and concentration practices

Identifying guidelines for practicing meditation


Feelings and addictions

Setting up and promoting a private practice

Finding employment as a meditation instructor

Class organization

Setting up a meditation retreat

The hindrances and aids to meditation

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